a selection of my projects, all with human-centered design philosophies

‘They was killing black people’

News design, digital

The Washington Post

  • animated background image with CSS3 keyframes

Tipping Point

Quiz app combating information paralysis

  • instills confidence in users’ existing body of unsure knowledge by validating and reinforcing correct multiple-choice answers
  • delivers targeted “activation” event suggestions on topics based on correct-answer accuracy rates

Pears to Pairs

Smartphone-assisted news-culture matching game

  • links major news events with pop culture topic
  • addresses challenge of people connecting with news only at surface

SI units poster

Unofficial poster for the new International System of Units

  • Quick passion project to promote better systems of measurement
  • Designed to use A-series paper for a non-US user base
  • Free for educational, promotional purposes

Editorial policies

North by Northwestern

  • Created collection of editorial policies for student publication North by Northwestern
  • Consolidated editorial practices of multiple publications and experiences with staffers