North by Northwestern editorial policies

As publisher, I worked on the leadership team of North by Northwestern for several years and often with many editors-in-chief and lead magazine editors.

While North by Northwestern had a style guide assembled over years of editors’ contributions, one of my frustrations was that we did not have a consistent set of editorial policies. Unlike a style guide, editorial policies help to guide and determine decision-making by editors on larger issues, often involving ethical and legal considerations.

Towards the end of my tenure as publisher, I wrote a set of editorial policies derived from:

  • my experience handling sensitive issues for North by Northwestern;
  • discussions with previous North by Northwestern editors;
  • stories from peers at Northwestern and other large university publications and anecdotes from Medill professors and alumni;
  • consultations with present and former North by Northwestern editors and contributors.

I also reviewed

The editorial policies were immediately useful to subsequent North by Northwestern staff after I stepped away from the publication, as it was consulted by editors and other student leaders in helping determine the coverage of sensitive issues in the North by Northwestern magazine.